Welcome to the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association!
…the Memories of the Past, the Best of the Present and
Forward into the Future.

2016 WAA Board Leaders

President Bryce Hansen
715-837-1015 (Office)
715-418-1030 (Cell)

President-Elect Carol Wagenson

Past- President Kathy Packard
715-623-5753 (Office)
715-610-7999 (Cell)
Upcoming WAA Events:

Note to All:
There will be NO March Rules and Regulation Classes in the year of 2016.

2016 WAA Membership Dues 
Dues need to be paid to stay on our website listing.
$150/Auctioneer/year; $90/Associate/year; $5/Auxiliary/
Click here for on-line Payment

Farm Technology Days
July 19-21, 2016
Walworth County
Snudden Farms, Lake Geneva, WI
COME VISIT or Participate WAA in the WI Beef Council Tent
Be part of the daily Auctions!

August 4 – 14, 2016
West Allis, WI
Wisconsin State Championship Auctioneer FINALS Contest
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Main Coliseum
(East End of Coliseum)

The Wisconsin Auctioneers Association is a non-profit trade association that exists for the purpose of promoting the growth and professionalism of the auction method of marketing and Auctioneering in the State of Wisconsin.

WAA Professional Auctioneers:

  • Are Licensed by the State of Wisconsin
  • Must abide by State/Federal Regulations including Uniform Commercial Code, Sherman Act, ATF, Bankruptcy Laws
  • Must attend Ongoing Continuation Education
  • Adhere to a strict Code of Ethics
  • Keep abreast of trends in the marketplace
  • Must be knowledgeable and honest to protect consumers
  • Attend state and national conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Network with other professionals to improve service to consumers