Welcome to the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association!
…the Memories of the Past, the Best of the Present and
Forward into the Future.

2016 WAA Board Leaders

President Bryce Hansen
715-837-1015 (Office)
715-418-1030 (Cell)

President-Elect Carol Wagenson

Past- President Kathy Packard
715-623-5753 (Office)
715-610-7999 (Cell)
Upcoming WAA Events: 

Wisconsin State Championship Auctioneer FINALS Contest
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Main Coliseum (East End of Coliseum)
WI State Fair, West Allis  WI

2016 WAA Membership Dues 
Dues need to be paid to stay on our website listing.
$150/Auctioneer/year; $90/Associate/year; $5/Auxiliary/
Click here for on-line Payment

The Wisconsin Auctioneers Association is a non-profit trade association that exists for the purpose of promoting the growth and professionalism of the auction method of marketing and Auctioneering in the State of Wisconsin.

WAA Professional Auctioneers:

  • Are Licensed by the State of Wisconsin
  • Must abide by State/Federal Regulations including Uniform Commercial Code, Sherman Act, ATF, Bankruptcy Laws
  • Must attend Ongoing Continuation Education
  • Adhere to a strict Code of Ethics
  • Keep abreast of trends in the marketplace
  • Must be knowledgeable and honest to protect consumers
  • Attend state and national conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Network with other professionals to improve service to consumers