Membership Committee Chair: Riley Kahl

Responsibilities: Recruit and retain members.  Develop and organize a membership drive or campaign. Review membership application and benefits brochure; recommend changes/additions. Solicit new members on an ongoing basis. Set an annual goal for membership and set up monthly goals for members to work toward. Welcome new members at conference and present them with new member packet (gavel, decals, lapel pin, last magazine and newsletter. 

Encourage members to become benefactors by donating $50 to donate one-half of following year's dues. Write articles for magazine, newsletter, website. including interviews/photos of new members. Determine what other states are doing to recruit and retain members. Look for new ideas for member retention and recruitment.

Pursue additional membership benefits, such as local and long distance phone service, car rental, credit card program, health and liability insurance, personal protection plan to ward off identity theft. cooperative advertising, etc.