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Bravo Benefit Auctions and Consulting Group

Serving the Greater Midwest Contact: Jenny Gehl
Work 130 E. Morey Rd. Waukesha North Prairie WI 53153 Work Phone: 1-888-877-5867 Website: Bravo Benefit Auctions and Consulting Group Website: Blog


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Jenny Gehl, BAS

Charity Auction Professional

Serving the Greater Midwest

Founder, of Milwaukee area based Bravo Benefit Auctions and Consulting Group.

For nearly two decades, Jenny has worked in the special events industry providing event and fundraising solutions for non profit organizations. Jenny holds the Professional Designation “BAS” (Benefit Auction Specialist) Certified by the National Auctioneers Association. Jenny is a graduate of The World Wide College of Auctioneering, University of Northern Iowa, Fundraising/Benefits Bootcamp, Fundraising Ringman Summit and the Professional Ringmen Institute. Jenny currently serves as a Director of the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association. Jenny, and her husband Matt have two teen-aged sons Alex and Jacob.

Giving Back: Jenny takes pride in helping her community by organizing a annual festival and charity auctions for our local school district to help support their fundraising efforts. Jenny volunteers at Waukesha County schools as a panel judge for youth speech contests.


Jenny also works as a contract auctioneer, ringmen, and clerk for various auction types.

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130 E. Morey Rd. North Prairie WI 53153

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