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Eldon Schraepfer Obituary Saether Funeral Service Obituary, WAA President, WAA Member News, Schraepfer 01/07/2020
Sailer's wins 'Best of Show' at Governor's meat auction Livestock Auctions, Champion, State Fair, WAA President, Governor, Johnson, Packard, Freymiller, Slack, Koning, Finley 08/16/2018
Livestock, meat products auctions raise money for ag youth State Fair, Livestock Auctions, Champion, Auctioneer, Hall of Fame, WAA President, Packard, Freymiller, Slack, Koning, Ringman, Finley 08/13/2018
Thiel named Wisconsin auctioneers president The Country Today Wisconsin, Board of Directors, WAA President, Thiel, Ringman, State Fair, Hines, Allen, Stockwell, Wagenson, Gavin, Markham-Gehl, Kramer, Ranft, Siler, Werlein 04/30/2018
Renowned auctioneer Bob Hagemann gets inducted Conference, Hall of Fame, WAA President, WAA Member News, Hagemann 02/28/2018
2018 WAA Convention Review Christianne Williams Conference, Championship, Wisconsin, Hall of Fame, Auxiliary, WAA President, Board of Directors, Baumann, Rose, Siler, Miller, Yoder, Packard, Thiel, Strathe, Jones, Lulich, Oberholtzer, Mellem, Sund, Henry, Stockwell, George, Markham-Gehl, Zimmerman, Mentink, Allen, Hines, Massart, Kramer, Hagemann, Ranft, Gill, Werlein, Chuilli, Novice, Ringman 02/01/2018
Wyttenbach Meats Named Best In Show State Fair, Champion, Livestock Auctions, Governor, Ringman, WAA President, Hall of Fame, Johnson, Finley, Allen, Miller, Freymiller, Werlein, Yoder, Slack 08/09/2017
Wagenson Elected as President of the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association WAA President, Wagenson, Conference, Women Auctioneers 02/01/2017
Local auctioneer inducted into National Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame Naomi N. Lugo Hall of Fame, WAA President, Hines 08/24/2016
Gavin earns state auctioneer title Jim Massey, Editor | Gavin, Champion, State Fair, Contest, Allen, Stockwell, Henry, Oberholtzer, Helmuth, Van Dyke, Holler, WAA President, Strey, Koning 08/15/2016
James O'Brien Obituary Published in Fond du Lac Reporter Obituary, WAA President, O'Brien 10/21/2015
Changing Industry Hall of Fame, WAA President, WAA Member News, Women Auctioneers, Auxiliary, Miller, Stockwell, Voigt, Wagenson, Hansen, Thiel, Packard, Freymiller, Hagemann 02/06/2013
New Direction: Koning Takes Over as President WAA President, Hall of Fame, Auxiliary, Koning, Hagemann, O'Brien, Slack, Thiel, McNamara, Schraepfer, Recognitions 02/01/2012
Edward J. "Ed" McNamara Obituary Schwartz Funeral Home Obituary, WAA President, Hall of Fame, McNamara 12/26/2011
New auctioneers' president aims to grow group WAA President, Auxiliary, Hall of Fame, Contest, Championship, Novice, Hagemann, Gill, Koning, Miller, Freymiller, Welch, Slack, Betthauser, Cain, Ringman, Wanless 02/02/2011
Harold J. Gavin Obituary Obituary, WAA President, Gavin 12/18/2010
Shullsburg man to lead auctioneers WAA President, Board of Directors, Hall of Fame, State Fair, Auxiliary, Gill, Teasdale, Kuehl, Hagemann, Miller, Freymiller, Packard, Massart, Paffel, Brandau, Bunczak, Mellem, Rothering 02/03/2010
New auctioneer group president up to the challenge WAA President, WAA Member News, Farm Auctions, Stockwell 02/04/2009
Still Selling WAA Member News, Livestock Auctions, Hall of Fame, WAA President, Brandau 12/31/2008
James Walter Heike Obituary Kjentvet-Smith Funeral Home Obituary, WAA President, Heike 11/22/2008
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